How did SV’Cigar become a thing?

What started as a bet turned into a website for cigar enthusiasts who take their smoke breaks as seriously as their dad jokes. These aficionados turned web wizards have transformed their passion for cigars into a virtual lounge where the only thing smoking more than the cigars is the humor. Join SV’Cigar, where the only thing burning brighter than the tobacco is the friendship of these accidental tech-savvy stogie connoisseurs.

We’re not just a website; we’re a smokin’ good time!

Do you take any proceeds from the site?

As of now we only monetize on some banner advertisements, including links to our favorite cigar smoking items, outdoor items, and occasional ski items. We are not sponsored in any way, but have received a few stogies as compensation. 😅

Do you currently accept any sponsorship for items or cigar gear?

We intend to keep this site as clean and informative as possible. So for the time being, we do not accept any sponsors.

Are there discount codes for discounted cigar gear?

For a very limited amount of items, yes. However, this is not our primary focus. As we’re looking to educate people on cigar smoking products, and items/possessions that go well with smoking.

What makes SV’Cigar different from others?

SVCigar stands out from other online cigar communities due to its unique origin and focus on camaraderie and humor. Unlike traditional platforms

Can anyone join SV’Cigar, or is it an exclusive group?

At this point we do not offer any memberships. A majority of the information we impart on our readers is completely for informational purposes only, along with generating some ad dollars from banners. Though, it is in our intention to create a facebook Group. In due time brother, in due time.

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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide our viewers unregulated, unbiased, and quality reviews on products that we use everyday. All products that you see featured on this blog are products we have owned, tested, and can vouch for.

Our Goal:

To help consumers get the best value on a product for the price. We monetize this site using affiliate links, and refuse to place ads or take kickbacks from vendors to place their products higher. That said, if you ever have a dollar to spare, help the boys buy some stogies at the PayPal link below.

The Future:

We’d like to continue growing our content. However, we’re the writers, reviewers, and publishers. Eventually we’d like to hire more people to help us grow our site into something more, especially social media.

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